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Dark Souls of Lake Grove

Dark Souls of Lake Grove

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Lake Grove. A quaint town nestled amidst rolling hills, where the quaintness was a facade, hiding a secret so dark it seeped into the very fabric of existence. Here, the living and the dead coexisted, not in ethereal harmony, but in a chilling, unnatural balance. Once a thriving community, the town had become a grotesque reflection of its former self, a place where time had stopped, leaving behind an echo of forgotten lives.

The heart of Lake Grove was a quiet, desperate struggle, personified by the Pullman family. Their lives were a tapestry woven with poverty, the whispers of ancient, mystical forces, and the chilling legacy of a time when life itself seemed to pause for women. They were a stark contrast to the Joneses, the town's seemingly-perfect families, their prosperity a cruel mockery of the Pullmans' plight.

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