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Beneath the Gray Matter

Beneath the Gray Matter

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A collection of macabre, fantasy, and science fiction tales:

The whispers of a forgotten language, carried on the wind from the edge of the galaxy, spoke of a world where humans were not what they seemed.
In a universe teeming with secrets, the greatest one was hidden within us. The sky turned crimson as the alien ships descended, unaware that the planet they were about to conquer held a terrifying truth: its inhabitants could become anything they desired. The shimmering portal promised adventure, but the distant world it led to hold a sinister twist – a planet where humanity's greatest fear was not the unknown, but itself.
The first time I saw a human shapeshift, I realized that the line between friend and enemy had become blurred beyond recognition. Humanity's greatest journey was not to the stars, but to the depths of its own soul.

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