The dreamy night that never ends.

The dreamy night that never ends.

You're sitting in a pleasant living room one night, eating a late meal. The clock strikes 7 p.m., and your modest family of five is not home. The wind outside consistently blows on the old window frames. Rain and pollutants have wreaked havoc and twisted this house, which you cherished for years. It is simple to sit and watch films for hours on end. You are not aware that your brain is becoming drowsy; a soft twist of the energy bug crawls up your spine.

Your parents instructed you to lock the doors before dark. A pat on the old knees and a stretch of the fatigued shoulders get you to stand up straight. The bowl of popcorn attempts to tumble to the floor. However, with your quick reflections, the bowl does not stray too far from your grasp. You shake your head drowsily at the notion of growing older while grinning. A weird cracking sound spreads throughout the TV. You bought the merchandise many years ago, at a time when it was more affordable. You move ahead and switch off the television. It was past your bedtime hours, and the morning would soon appear on the clock dial. 

The house appears more tranquil than usual, and you can feel the cozy bed beckoning. You gently make your way to the kitchen and consider cleaning up the filthy dishes.

As usual, your brain tells you to go to bed and get out of this situation. The hallway is longer than on most days. When you enter the bedroom, everything appears to be gently spinning to a silent beat. You sling off your slippers and dash to the bed, eager to get into bed.

Your eyelids are rapidly shutting, and the strength of the night transports you to a different realm. Your brain becomes engrossed in sleep, and you begin to dream of wonderful events that will last forever. 

In your dream, you saw a throng of people surrounding a dark vacuum in the distance. Your lethargic feet jump off the bed and into the air to witness the unexpected mayhem. The onlookers turned to gaze at you, surprised, and then began to sway in the black night.

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