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H is for Haunting By Dr. Zachary West

H is for Haunting By Dr. Zachary West

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This book follows a family that relocates from the West coast to the East coast in the mid 1980's. During the family's time in their new small town location, the daughter, Joey, uncovers the truth about the town's history and the deep dark secrets contained within. The house that the family moves into, is completely furnished from the previous owners whom have not left yet.

Joey opens her eyes, and to her surprise the noise suddenly stops, the room is silent. Confused and happy she lets out a sigh of relief. She hears the sound of the hardwood floor creaking to her left distracts her and without thinking, she turns to the left. A bloody disfigured arm rises from the edge of the bed and slams hard grasping for the bed and pulling themselves up slowly. A head starts to come into view, slowly rising above the edge of the bed. Joey, beyond terrorized, jumps out of bed and races to the door only to find it bolted shut.

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