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The Writer and the Creative Moment

An early day in the week to start on character building, themes, and the imagination of fiction. It is several days before Christmas, and everyone runs to the store for gifts. I am usually the early-bird for shopping. The task of shopping makes me a little over cautious. I love to perserve money, and make sure that my financial future is secured. However, I might produce a spell of caution happiness, and spend money for the end of the years. Besides the hustle and craziness of the holiday season, writers need to create fiction despite the cloudy days.

For most writers, a successful book title might appear in the middle of typing. I enjoy making a list of titles and strange characters. At the age of 10, I wrote my first short story (40 pages). I was a slow learner the first many years, and became frighten of making public speeches. Currently, I cannot stop talking (lol) nor making speeches. Characters in a novel play many roles. Some of the best character creativity are those produced just before bed or early in the morning. I created the character below by sure luck and concentration. She appears in my book titled: The Candlelit Tales of Mr. Snodgers. The woman believes that she is beautiful, but produces a selfish and aggressive heart.

Authors will at one point in life get stuck writing a book. The best thing to do is not let your writing sit still for several weeks or months. I had writer's block the first of this year (2023) because of staying busy. I conquer writer's block by writing 2000 pages per day during a book startup. The below video describes a normal day and life of a writer. 

By Salene Hill

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