Targeting your book audience!

1. Know your audience: 

-Science Fiction: men ages 45 - 65, have a specific interest in the genre and enjoy exploring speculative ideas about the future, technology, space exploration, alternate realities, and other scientific or technological concepts.

-Mystery: Women ranks higher on the list for reading mystery books, and people ages 30 to 65. 

-Romance: Professional women and individuals that have self-directed careers.

-Poetry: Women and men readers, and ages between 45 and 54.

-Horror: The most popular forces for driving the horror book genre are baby-boomers, and males.

-Action/ Thrillers: Males in their late teens, and ages 18 to 25. 

-Self-Help: A woman that is middle aged, and affluent.

-History: Men reads history books the most. The target audience for history book readers depends on the type of written history.